netbooks reviews and comparison

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Netbooks and gaming on the move

With the everyday technology advance and the (r)evolution of netbooks people become more and more obsessed with bringing their casual home activities on the move. First it was reading the e-mail on a laptop, then there came editing of documents and using multimedia on the move. As one can expect, the gaming activities followed down the path of mobile experience, and soon most people used their mobile gadgets mostly for entertainment, and less for work.


Finding the best mobile phone deals online

If you are sick of paying through the nose for your mobile phone and you are approaching the end of your current contract, you really should think about finding a new and better deal. It is usually the wrong decision to stay with the same provider, especially when you can find such good deals on the internet at the moment.


Best Antivirus for Netbooks

With the massive invasion of the netbooks in the last couple of years the problem with securing them becomes more and more important. But how is the netbook different from an ordinary laptop or even your home desktop system? Though netbooks are similar to laptops, there are several issues that we should consider when deciding on which Antivirus to choose for our netbook protection:

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Computer forensics is the methodical examination to establish factual evidence of illegal unauthorised activities in digital media.


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Netbooks - Facts and Figures

Andy Tung - MSI’s Director of U.S. Sales, reveals: "Our internal research has shown that the return of netbooks is higher than regular notebooks, but the main cause of that is Linux. People would love to pay $299 or $399 but they don’t know what they get until they open the box. They start playing around with Linux and start realizing that it’s not what they are used to. They don’t want to spend time to learn it so they bring it back to the store. The return rate is at least four times higher for Linux netbooks than Windows XP netbooks."